Calendar Fundraiser

Check your emails regarding times when calendars will be available for pick up at the gym. The fundraiser will run until Sept. 15th. Remember to submit contact information of your friends/family in the event that they win. Everyone has 60 chances to win and winnings of up to $400!! This could be a MAJOR money maker! Contact the fundraising committee or the board with any questions.

Fundraising at Kings Dominion

The 2012 Kings Dominion Fundraising season has started.  If you would like to participate please contact Kemie Smith at  Please read the grooming guidelines and view available dates below:

Fundraising at Jiffy Lube Live (previously known as Nissan Pavilion)

Please contact Jessica Parker at if you are interested in working this season.

Scrip Cards

Scrip is a great way to earn money toward your assessments.  It has all the benefits of fundraising, without spending extra money.  All you have to do is order Scrip cards for places you already plan to spend money….a percentage of your purchased Scrip card will go toward your assessments (each card varies in percentage)  When the cards come in, you use them just like you would a gift card. The PPA has chosen to go with Great Lakes Scrip Center located at

How the scrip program works